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upgradOur world is becoming increasingly connected and streamlined, and smart home technology is key to bringing this to life in our homes and offices. Unfortunately, the more smart home products you add to your house, it is often the case that your home becomes harder to use, not easier.  New devices  like this fantastic Brilliant Smart Home Control are among a new breed of products that simplify how anyone in the home can use smart home products with voice or touch, and you can add one to your home just by replacing a light switch.

The common light switch is a mainstay of any home but, truth be told, it is an archaic piece of design which is long overdue for an upgrade. That’s exactly what the Brilliant Control device offers you. It takes your boring old light switch, and packs it full of new features – smart lighting, touch and voice control over climate and sound systems, motion control, video intercom, art display, and more. . Billed as “the world’s smartest light switch”, you’ll be blown away by the capabilities of this tech and wonder how you’ve ever lived without it.

Brilliant By Name, Brilliant By Nature

Unlike most other smart devices, the Brilliant Control isn’t reliant upon your smartphone to operate. In fact, once it is installed, you no longer need a smartphone to control any of your smart home products. You can activate lights, music, climate and more, just using touch activation or voice whenever you enter a room. For  those of us who have smart home products, you know how quickly you grow weary of heading to an app whenever we want to make a setting change (or when your roommates or family always have to ask you to do it). With Brilliant, it’s as simple as turning on a light switch.

The Brilliant Smart Home Control looks largely akin to a conventional light switch aesthetically speaking, but the technology that it has going on under the surface truly does set it apart in the highly competitive world of connected tech. Innovative and wonderfully well crafted, this highly intuitive piece of tech from Brilliant is all about making your life easier and, better still, only takes between 5-10 minutes to install and get up and running in your home. You’ll be the master of all your devices in no time at all.

Once you install the Brilliant Control, you instantly have smart lighting capabilities. This means you can schedule when lights go on/off, or have lights shut off when there is no motion in the room, saving 5-18% on your lighting costs. The Brilliant Control will automatically  integrate itself into all your favourite smart home products  including Sonos, Nest, Ring, Honeywell, Bose, SmartThings, Wink, smart bulbs, and many other popular devices. This ensures you’ve always got full control of the gadgets in your home and can activate them with a voice command or swipe of the finger.

Amazon Alexa is built into these cracking contraptions so you’re able to ask questions and get answers immediately. Now instead of buying an Amazon Echo or Dot for every room, you can have it right in your wall! There is also a video intercom system built in that can be used between Brilliant Controls in different rooms. This might just revolutionise the way in which you live.

Control in the Palm of your Hands

Elegantly designed with a distinct sophisticated aesthetic, the Brilliant Control is available to buy in 1-4 switch options and 12 colors, giving plenty of options  to suit your own interior design tastes.

The detail that has gone into every element of the design is mighty impressive to say the least. Positively overflowing with under-the-hood features which includes a motion sensor, an ambient light sensor, and a camera with a physical privacy slider for added peace of mind.

Boasting a 5″ diagonal LCD touch screen with 720×1280 resolution which allows you to display a clock, and one of many  of customised options such as adding seasonal art, motion art, and some of your favourite photos which can be uploaded to the device via the Brilliant App. WiFi and Bluetooth connected, you’ll be in awe of the sheer functionality of this piece of gadgetry and for those of us looking for the ultimate in connected homes, look no further.

Price: $199+

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