Bellroy Notebook Cover

We’ve covered an awful lot of notebooks here on the pages of The Coolector but perhaps not so many notebook covers but we’re changing that right now with a great looking product from one of our favourite brands. The Bellroy Notebook Cover is as functional and versatile as it gets with your everyday carry and, as with all their products, is crafted to perfection.


If you’re the sort of chap that likes to carry around a notebook around to capture their postulations and creative bursts then it’s always a good idea to keep it protected and we can think of few better candidates for this particular job than the fantastic looking and supremely well crafted Bellroy Notebook Cover.

Slimline Perfection

The Bellroy Notebook Cover is crafted from top of the range vegetable-tanned leather and is perfect product for those creative individuals who need to jot down ideas on the go, or jot down thoughts and lists to streamline their thinking and act as a catalyst for the creative process.



It boasts a clever magnet closure which will make sure your notes are secure, and the debossed detailing is ideal for holding your stationery in place when clipped over the spine of the Bellroy Notebook Cover. Better still, there is some hidden storage areas within the notebook’s design which can be used to carry cards and cut down on your day to day pocket clutter.


The versatility of this piece of EDC from Bellroy really does set it apart and it could just as easily be used as a travel wallet for example. Made from the best materials and available in a number of different colours, the Bellroy Notebook Cover is more of the excellent same from the American brand and we’re in no doubt that it will be a popular piece amongst the creatives out there.

Small and Perfectly Formed

Small enough for everyday use and wonderfully well crafted, the Bellroy Notebook Cover is right up our street at Coolector HQ and it certainly maintains the brand’s rich tradition for crafting top notch pieces of EDC. This exceptionally well made, vegetable tan leather Notebook Cover from Bellroy will be the ideal gift for any creative individual in your life or for treating yourself of course.


The diminutive size of the piece belies the fact that it is a very versatile and functional piece of EDC capable of carrying up to six cards and two passports along with your notebook so if you’re looking to do away with the wallet and keep everything in one place, this is the one for you.

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