Berkshire Residence

We’ve featured a lot of amazing architecture on the pages of The Coolector and there are some design firms that keep cropping up repeatedly when it comes to breathtaking constructions and Olson Kundig are certainly repeat offenders so far as awesomeness is concerned and they’ve proved this once again with the, frankly stunning, Berkshire Residence – a spectacular property in the Berkshires area of Massachusetts.

Olson Kundig are a full-service design firm whose eye-catching back catalogue of work includes residences (often for art collectors), museums and exhibition design, hospitality projects, commercial design, academic buildings, interior design, landscape design to name but a few and the latest offering from their stable to have caught our eye at Coolector HQ is the extraordinary and stylish Berkshire Residence, which is overflowing with clever design features.

Incredible Surroundings

The Berkshire Residence from Olson Kundig is situated in 300 acres of rolling Massachusetts countryside and one of the first issues the architects faced was finding the perfect spot in this acreage to put the property in order to fully appreciate the glorious surroundings but, as you can see, they certainly seem to have accomplished that objective. The Berkshire Residence is located on the border between two adjacent ecological systems. The house stretches along the line where the forest meets the meadow so you really experience the best of both worlds from a visual perspective.

A real diverse style if living is achieved by being located on the this divide as the forest provides protection for the Berkshire Residence – intimate, quiet, and introspective—while the meadow to the other side of the home delivers views of the valley and the low-lying mountains beyond which money simply cannot buy. The first thing you notice aesthetically about the Berkshire Residence is its elevated nature with the main level of the house being raised ten feet above the ground so as to maximise the views and get up above the humidity and insects in the summertime and the snow in the winter.

As with all the Olson Kundig properties that we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ, the interior design is just as great as the exterior and so it has proven once again with the brilliantly conceived Berkshire Residence. The interiors of this fantastic design are finished with warm materials such as wood, plaster, waxed steel, leather to make it a welcoming environment to relax and unwind. The living room is lined with hand-cranked operable windows walls to really capitalise on the views and when completely open, they feel like you’re in an sophisticated and comfortable tree fort, hovering above the landscape with 270 degree views.

Masterful Massachussets 

The Berkshire Residence really does justice to its magical setting in the stunning Massachusetts countryside and we’re loving how carefully it’s been integrated into its setting so as not to detract from it and, in fact, adds to it significantly from an aesthetic perspective. Olson Kundig are an architecture firm at the very top of their game and this amazing piece of design admirably illustrates that very fact.

Impeccable both inside and out, the Berkshire Residence is the sort of architecture we gravitate towards at The Coolector and if you love cleverly designed properties with eye-catching interiors, this will be very much to your liking as well. Spectacularly well conceived and delivered in some considerable style, this exceptional property is another feather in the cap of Olson Kundig.

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