Key Titan

Everyday carry is important to us here at The Coolector and we like to keep our wares as ordered as possible and will always be on the look out for accessories that help us to accomplish this objective. This leads us nicely onto a fantastic looking Kickstarter project by the name of the Key Titan which is a clever little piece of kit that will be music to the ears of many as not only does it look great, it helps you silence your keys with this dependable and streamlined solution.

The Key Titan is so much more than merely a means of keeping the annoyance of keys jangling in your pocket to a minimum, it also has a whole host of other features that will lead it to becoming a mainstay of your EDC line up. This cracking accessory also boasts a bottle opener and slip wrench, each concealed within an incredibly robust titanium grade 5 casing for the ultimate in resilient accessories.

Fine Functionality

Functionality is something we demand of all our EDC here at The Coolector and the Key Titan delivers in spades in this department. It has been purpose built to silence the irksome jingle of your keys in the pocket and the streamlined, versatile aesthetic lends itself perfectly to a number of uses which will make this spiffing piece of everyday carry a real mainstay of your day to day line up.

Boasting an abundance of cool design features such as the suppression ring that silences your keys – which is extremely easy to set up, with the simple process of adding your keys to the chain and looping the suppression ring into position leaving your keys firmly in place and no longer able to rattle around in your pocket when you’re on the go. The robust titanium grade 5  used in the construction of the Key Titan ensures its more than suitable for day to day use and will be right by your side for any adventures you’ve got planned this autumn.

Finding little EDC gems like this is a rewarding experience and it’s not until the jingle of your keys has been silenced that you realise quite how peaceful it is without them rattling away in your pocket and this Key Titan really is the coolest means of doing this. And the fact it comes replete with a bottle opener for cracking open a craft beer in celebration of the silence you’ve facilitated is another compelling reason to get one of these in your pocket.

Keeping Keys Quiet

Already rapidly approaching its funding target over on Kickstarter, it’s clear to see that the Key Titan is answering a genuine gripe of many men regarding their keys and as it adds even more versatility to your EDC line up, it’s a real win win in our book here at Coolector HQ. Letting you really organise your disordered set of keys into a minimalist and streamlined pocket profile is the chief benefit of this excellent accessory and getting the keys on and off is incredibly straightforward and secure.

Another fantastic example of the sort of top notch EDC that is to be discovered on Kickstarter, the Key Titan is the third in a successful line of accessories from the same workshop and for any man looking for an extremely robust and functional solution to their key carrying requirements, this definitely gets our vote. Head on over to Kickstarter now and pick yours up for a bargain price.

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