Best Made Co Board Shorts

Finding the perfect pair of shorts in the summer is the Holy Grail for many men but, fear not, you can take off your Indiana Jones hat because we’ve taken the liberty of finding them for you and they are these decidedly excellent looking Best Made Co. Board Shorts which will make for the perfect piece of apparel during these warm summer months.

Best Made Co. have featured on the pages of The Coolector a couple of times before now but this is the first time that some of their top notch apparel has put in an appearance and, to be honest, their cracking Board Shorts were just too good to be ignored. The main draw of these first rate shorts is their durability, so if you’re planning on surfing or engaging in other rigorous water based activities this summer, these Board Shorts from Best Made Co. definitely won’t let you down.

Made in conjunction with legendary surfers, Jack Shipley and Gerry Lopez, these brilliant board shorts boast the iconic lighting strike logo that typifies their wares and these shorts will look fantastic both in an out of the water. Best Made Co. have teamed up with Shiply & Lopez to offer two pairs of exclusive Board Shorts in red and navy and made from 100% American cotton twill with triple stitched seams and unparalleled comfort. Safe to say, we’ll be getting our hands on a pair of these before heading off this summer.

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