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Let’s face it, cook books are one thing that there isn’t a shortage of but those that don’t sugar-coat things or aim to mislead are a rarer breed and those which openly swear at you and tell you exactly what you should be eating can be counted on one finger. The awesome cook book in question goes by the name of Thug Kitchen and it may well become your very best friend in the kitchen from now on.

Thug Kitchen comes from the excellent food blog of the same name and takes a whole new, more sweary, approach to cooking that most chaps will favour and it has some genuinely great looking dishes filling the pages that will help you eat well and enjoy some mightily tasty food in the process.

Boasting, in the words of the author, “100 brand new, tasty as fuck recipes that are guaranteed to elevate your kitchen game”, there is very little not to like about the concept of this book and for anyone after some new recipes in the kitchen, we can think of few better places to source them from than Thug Kitchen here at Coolector HQ. Check out a few shots from the Thug Kitchen blog below to get you in the mood for what the cook book will have to offer:

Property of Thug Kitchen, LLC.

Property of Thug Kitchen, LLC.


The Thug Kitchen Cook Book is set for release in October so there’s a few more months to wait before you can rustle up the brilliantly monikered Salandwich but we’re definitely going to be first in line for one of the epic cooking tomes when it hits the shelves.

Cooking can be a stuffy affair so adding a bit of levity to it has been long overdue and that’s exactly what you’ll find on the pages of Thug Kitchen and for the cooking inclined, there can be no greater Sherpa than this.

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