Betabrand Under the Jack Pack

For a lot of commuters, pretty much the only thing they carry on a daily basis is their laptop and it seems that there aren’t many options out there that reflect this from a baggage point of view – until now that is. The Betabrand Under The Jack Pack is a specially designed carry that has been crafted from the ground up for the principal purpose of providing a subtle, functional carry for your laptop.

The Betabrand Under The Jack Pack has been designed to be worn under your jacket if you require and have concerns about the security of your laptop when carried via more conventional means. It boasts an abundance of features that make it a versatile solution to porting your laptop about including an ultra slim profile (of a mere 1.5″), padded shoulders and backside and various compartments for storing the associated bits of kit that go with your laptop. Take a look at a few more shots below:








A cracking carry solution for anyone who is looking to make their laptop much safer and inconspicuous whilst out and about, the Betabrand Under The Jack Pack is definitely an impressive piece of design that offers both durability and aesthetic appeal in spades. A great looking, versatile carry and one that anyone with a laptop is going to appreciate.

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