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Drinking coffee and eating food is how we spend vast swathes of the day here at Coolector HQ and given this preoccupation with eating and drinking, we might as well opt for some spiffing dinnerware and we’ve encountered few pieces better than BIG Cities Dinnerware which is a collaboration between BIG + KILO and porcelain manufacturers, Rosenthal. These striking pieces of porcelain boast a mightily impressive design feature – namely, the skylines of various iconic cities around the world and we here at The Coolector are definitely firm fans of the finished products.

BIG Cities Dinnerware offer diners the opportunity to imbibe their beverages and chow down on their food from a very minimalist and eye-catching set of plates, cups, saucers and a multitude of other porcelain pieces that will add a distinct design flair to your kitchen. For anyone in need of a bold and stylish dinnerware set, you’ll not find many better candidates than this nod to some famous skylines from BIG + KILO and Rosenthal and though the designs are, of course, frightfully simplistic, there is something about them that definitely appeals to our design sensibilities here at Coolector HQ. Take a look at a few more shots of the BIG Cities Dinnerware sets below:





We’re big fans of the detailing on this set from BIG + KILO and Rosenthal and for any homeowner in the market for an awesome new set of dinnerware, we’re thinking you’ll find none better than this. Just a few of the city skylines that you can enjoy with this set include Copenhagen, New York, Paris, Berlin and London so something for most city-philes there.

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