The Big Lebowski Pinball Machine

Like golf, pinball can be simultaneously the most rewarding and most frustrating activity in the world and whilst we’re not exactly pinball wizards here at Coolector HQ, we’ve certainly dabbled in the past and we’ve found exactly the machine that’s going to lure us back once again because it is based on one of the finest films in existence – say hello to the The Big Lebowski Pinball Machine. And wave goodbye to your social life because, chances are, you’ll be playing it ceaselessly.

Whilst not many of us will have the requisite room to accommodate a pinball machine in our home or office, we’ll all be clambering to make room for one now courtesy of this fantastic looking The Big Lebowski Pinball Machine from Dutch Pinball, a mightily skilled bunch of craftsman and pinball aficionados from the Netherlands.

This excellent offering is a nod to the superb Coen Brothers movie starring Jeff Bridges as The Dude has some equally as excellent features that will sate the appetites of both fans of the movie and those more concerned with the mechanics of pinball. If you get your hands on one of these The Big Lebowski Pinball Machines (which are available for pre-order now) then you’ll be treated to three playfields, consisting of a main, upper and sub-playfield all relating to the first class movie in some way.

It is the sub-playfield that will perhaps hold biggest sway over fans of The Big Lebowski as it will consist of a replica Brunswick Bowling Alley for you to demolish with your pinball and there will also be plenty of video clips and audio samples from the film to keep you entertained throughout. Check out some video and images of The Big Lebowski Pinball Machine below:

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For fans of pinball and The Big Lebowski (of which we’re sure there is many of both) there can be few more essential additions to the homestead than this, frankly fantastic looking and sounding, The Big Lebowski Pinball Machine from Dutch Pinball. Brilliantly conceived and executed, it looks to have all the bases covered for fans of the movie and we can’t wait for the design team behind it to complete their vision and release videos of the table in action.

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