Whiskey Wedge

Don Draper is somewhat of a manliness yardstick to us here at Coolector HQ and whilst we’re definitely not in the same suaveness stakes as advertising’s finest, we feel that with a few of the right implements that could be amended and that’s why we’ve got our eyes firmly fixed on these awesome Whisky Wedges from Corkcicle that will dramatically enhance the quality of the whiskey that you imbibe.

How so, I hear you say? Well, unless you drink your whiskey straight (madness!), you’ll likely have ice involved and unless you chug back your spirits at an alarming rate, the ice will gradually melt and water down the flavour of the whiskey that you’ve forked over your hard earned cash. No, no, that won’t do at all.

You want to maintain the flavour of your tipple and with the Whiskey Wedge from Corkcicle, that is something that is considerably more accomplishable because it uses a silicone wedge (and a pre-provided glass) to create a wedge of ice in your drink that melts much slower than the ice cubes typically put in spirits and will provide a drink with a much fuller flavour than you’ll be accustomed to. Take a look at a few more shots of the Whiskey Wedge in action below:




Needless to say, whiskey isn’t a prerequisite for using the Whiskey Wedge as it does its job just as admirably with a whole host of other spirits as well and for those men who prefer the hard stuff when it comes to their boozing, this is an implement that is simply too good to ignore.

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