Bike Parkour

We have covered Parkour a few times here on The Coolector but we’ve probably not had our minds blown quite as extensively as we just did when we set eyes upon the genuinely mind blowing Bike Parkour video above.

The film was created by Devin Graham and ad agency, Team Detroit and the video was funded by Ford but, all that aside, you’ll not believe some of the things the chaps on two wheels are capable of.

Set on the streets of San Francisco, taking in plenty of the Californian city’s most impressive sites, including the Golden Gate Bridge, it is fair to say, however, that regardless of how impressive the backdrops, it can’t detract the eye from the action unfolding on screen.

You perhaps won’t be surprised to hear that the video is filled with professional BMX bike riders such as Tim Knoll and Casey Holm when you witness some of the gravity defying tricks that they pull off throughout.

Now we’ve picked our jaws up off the floor, time to watch the whole thing again methinks.

Leo Davie
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