BitPlay Snap!7 iPhone Case

The iPhone 7 is unquestionably amongst the finest smartphones on the market right now and one of its chief benefits is the calibre of the camera that it boasts but there is always room for improvement and that’s exactly what you’ll get if you get your hands on one of these excellent looking Snap! 7 iPhone Cases from BitPlay.

Wonderfully well conceived, the BitPlay Snap! 7 iPhone Case is purpose built to make taking photos with your smartphone that much easier and more streamlined to make sure that you never miss a shot and the quality of the pictures is second to none. For anyone with a love of photography and an iPhone 7 in their pocket, this is an accessory that will be right up your street.

Capture Great Shots

The quality of the camera on the latest smartphones really is nothing short of extraordinary and it is one of the biggest selling points for most consumers buying one today but if photography is particularly important for you then accessories like this BitPlay Snap! 7 iPhone Case are an absolute must and will deliver an unparalleled level of picture quality that is impossible to ignore.

With all sort of impressive little design touches that aid the photo take process, the BitPlay Snap! 7 iPhone Case is right up our street here at The Coolector and it has superb features like a steady grip, built-in protection, external lenses and a physical shutter button to make sure you’re always ready and waiting when a photo opportunity arises.

It does a fantastic job of building upon the iPhone 7’s industry-leading camera and delivers an impeccable photography experience with you, the photographer, at the centre of all it aims to achieve. Taking one handed shots is somewhat of the holy grail for smartphone photographers and that becomes an awful lot easier with one of these top notch cases from BitPlay.

Innovative Design 

Boasting a patented mechanical shutter, the BitPlay Snap! 7 iPhone Case ensures you can take one-handed shots simply and effectively. Unlike when you try and use the iPhone’s volume rocker, your fingers won’t get in the way of the lens as it’s on the other side. In addition you don’t have to use the touch screen, which as anyone who regularly takes pictures on the smartphone will known, invariably results in a shaky shot.

You’ll have the ability to shoot naturally with one-hand along with the satisfying click of a traditional camera which delivers a deeper immersion into the shot and makes it a more natural and enriching photo taking experience. If you’ve got an iPhone 7 and want to significantly improve your photos in 2017, one of these first rate accessories from BitPlay really is a must.

Price: $50+

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