Black Ember Modular Backpacks – The Citadel Collection

We’ve definitely got our favourite brands so far as backpacks and accessories are concerned and the guys at Black Ember can certainly count themselves on the top table in this regard. This belief has just been reinforced by their latest release, which can be found on Kickstarter, by the name of Black Ember Modular Backpacks – The Citadel Collection. For those of you familiar with the work of the US accessories brand, you’ll be pleased to hear this is more of the exceptional same.

The Citadel Collection Modular Backpacks from Black Ember are already soaring on Kickstarter and this is testament to their unrivalled quality. This range is a series of durable, highly versatile, weatherproof packs which are carefully designed to house and keep safe all your essential gear. If you find yourself in need of one of the most functional carries on the market then you, sir, should read on.

Minimalist Marvel For Urban Lifestyles

Decidedly understand from an aesthetic point of view, the Citadel Collection from Black Ember is crafted with those living an urban lifestyle in mind. This eye-catching series of accessories has a veritable multitude of impressive design features and materials which all join together to make it one of the finest carries that money can buy right now. Designed in California and rigorously tested against the elements, this Citadel Collection is a robust, hardy series of accessories and for those of you that value style and performance, it’s not going to let you down.

The Black Ember Modular Backpacks Citadel Collection delivers some intuitive design features that ramp up the functionality. Some of the most stand out ones include a modular handle which you can attach to the top or the side of the bag, aircraft grade aluminium hardware for added robustness and visual appeal and an exterior crafted from 3-layer, micro hex performance textile which is perfectly suited to those living their life on the go.

With a stealthy matte black finish, you’re unlikely to find a cooler looking carry out there and the Black Ember Citadel Collection really is amongst the most versatile accessories to boot. With a thoroughly impressive waterproof rating, this won’t let you down whatever the weather and the top loader design ensures that you always have quick and easy access to all your day to day essentials such as laptop, phone, keys and wallet.

Magnificent Materials

As always, the quality of this offering from Black Ember resides in the first rate nature of the materials which have been opted for throughout its construction. Immensely durable as a result of its 800 denier micro hex 03 layer performance textile and with striking design features like laser cut and etched hypalon easy pull zippers, there really is a tangible sense of quality to proceedings and it certainly isn’t difficult to gauge why the Citadel Collection has proven so popular on Kickstarter.

We love the quality of the accessories from Black Ember here at Coolector HQ and this Citadel Collection on Kickstarter might well be their finest offering to date – which is saying an awful lot considering what has gone before it. If you want to get your hands on one of the most functional and versatile carries on the market, head on over to Kickstarter now and pick yours up for a bargain price.

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