Black Ember WPRT Collection

You might think that you’ve got a pretty good grasp on what it is a backpack can do but, truth be told, they’ve still got a few surprises left up their sleeve if the awesome looking Black Ember WPRT Collection of accessories is anything to go by. Aiming to redefine the common waterproof roll-top backpack, the WPRT Collection from Black Ember effortlessly blends technical waterproof construction and intuitive organisation to deliver an out of this world performance for all your outdoor adventures.

The Black Ember WPRT Collection is the latest release from this exemplary, San Francisco based lifestyle brand who are well known for their obsessively designed backpacks for the active urban nomad. The release of its latest waterproof backpack line, the WPRT Collection, has certainly captured our attention here at Coolector HQ and if you’re after some new no-nonsense carries, you’ll want to read on. Boasting elegant solutions to common roll-top backpack pain points, the WPRT Collection brings a popular bag category into the contemporary era with considerable aplomb.

Tackle All Terrains & Weather Conditions

If you’ve ever had a roll-top backpack in the past, you’ll likely have been won over by its functionality and versatility but the WPRT Collection from Black Ember takes things to a whole new level. It breaks the mould of conventional roll-top design by combining multiple external, fast-access pockets and extreme waterproofing for the ultimate ease of access and outdoor performance. The clever, proprietary no-seam, heat-bonded construction delivers the best of both worlds in a minimal, stealthy aesthetic package that is impossible not to love in our opinion here at The Coolector.

Everywhere you look with the WPRT Roll-Top from Black Ember there are some amazing features to be appreciated and applauded. This includes the WPRT’s main compartment which has been crafted from a single piece of Black Ember’s proprietary three-layer, 800-denier textile, which is intricately folded before being heat-bonded along seams and to YKK Aquaguard zippers. These exceptional backpacks have been tested with a 1,200-PSI water jet, which means the WPRT’s IPX06 waterproof rating is ready to handle the worst mid-commute deluge you’re ever likely to encounter.

Needless to say, one of the most important elements of any backpack is that of storage and organisation and this is an area in which the WPRT from Black Ember positively excels. To overcome common access woes and to enhance organisation, the WPRT has been designed around three independent compartments. The main cargo area loads through the large top opening and is rapidly accessed through a side zipper, which improves on-the-fly access to deep buried gear. A dedicated laptop compartment helps to protect a 15-inch laptop while ensuring easy retrieval. The front pocket keeps all your EDC such as mobile phones, keys, notebooks and other small necessities close at hand.

Take Your Pick

The good news just keeps on coming with the Black Ember WPRT Collection as it is available in two configurations: namely, The Minimal, which prioritises simplicity and clean exterior aesthetics and the Modular which boasts excellent compatibility with Black Ember’s existing range of twelve accessory pouches known as MODs. Regardless of which you choose, you are getting one of the most stylish and versatile backpacks on the market.

The WPRT Collection from Black Ember is accompanied by four new MODs, which includes a WPRT-specific DSLR Pack, Vertical Pack, Maglock Belt and Maglock Key Ring. All of these features and accessories combine to make this one of Black Ember’s most exciting and expertly conceived accessories to date and for anyone who wants to head out on outdoor adventures or needs a new commuter pack this spring, look no further than the WPRT which starts at a mighty reasonable $225.

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