Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock

Let’s face it, there’s not a man amongst us that enjoys being jolted awake by the alarm clock in the morning so, if it’s an essential part of your daily routine, you might as well opt for a bit of tech which looks awesome whilst mercilessly tearing you from your sleep. Say hello to the Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock.

The Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock is soon to be launching and is described as a voice-controlled and A.I. enhanced smart alarm clock and whilst we’ve got a deep loathing of anything that separates us from our sleep here at Coolector HQ, we’re the first to admit this excellent looking device looks a bit special.

Say Hello to your Little Friend

With some mighty impressive technological features going on under the hood, it is immediately apparent that the Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock is no regular alarm and will offer considerably more than just your unwanted wake up call in the morning.



The Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock is more than just the shrill alarm in the morning, it is more of your own PA that intuitively learns about your schedule and agenda and endeavours to help you make the most of your working day.

This voice-controlled technology is able to have human-like conversations with you as its creators have developed hundreds of potential talking points so it converses with you as a friend would. It is the first product to utilise cutting-edge Concept to Speech technology which leads to the best ultra-natural voice ever achieved by any electronic device. Impressive stuff indeed.

Wake Up Smart

The way in which the Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock wakes you up is also rather revolutionary and it actually thinks about things and may alter your wake-up time if certain conditions are met. For example, you have a meeting that you cannot be late for; The Bonjour Alarm Clock will consider this and check traffic reports and if, for example, traffic looks particularly bad and may make you let, it will wake you up early than you requested to help ensure you remain on time for your meeting.


Better still, this first class piece of technology is capable of integrating with the other smart devices that you have around your home. For example, the Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock can control other smart-home devices and is the most straightforward means of adding voice-control to your various smart home devices such as Philips Hue, WeMo and Nest. A great design and one we can’t wait to see in action at The Coolector.

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