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Coffee, in our humble opinion, makes the world go round. Science may beg to differ with this hypothesis a little but we can seldom make it through the day here at Coolector HQ without some form of coffee (and ideally craft beer) pumping through our veins.

We love coming across those daring to approach coffee differently and that’s the reason we’ve fallen mighty hard for the excellent looking Songbird Coffee from Cardinal Spirits. Billed as a craft coffee liqueur, this brilliant drop may just have the dual benefit of getting you wired and drunk simultaneously. A win-win in our book.

A Perfect Craft

Cardinal Spirits are a craft distillery operating out of Bloomington, Indiana, and are responsible for delivering some magnificent gins, whiskeys, vodkas and rum but, for fans of coffee, it will be their Songbird tipple that draws the eye. With a simple, but honest, description of their product of “tastes like coffee, but better you know you’re immediately onto a winner with Songbird Coffee from Cardinal Spirits.



There is now a huge movement across America that has seen a big rise in the number of craft distilleries popping up all over the country – very much following the craft brewery boom that has been on the rise since the 80s – and Cardinal Spirits are a brand very much at the top of their game.

Branding Brilliance

As with many of the things that we write about here at Coolector HQ, it is the branding that first bought our attention to Songbird Coffee from Cardinal Spirits. Retro is aesthetic and bold in design, it is the sort of look and feel that we favour with our branding and instantly elevates the product in our opinion.



The coffee itself also warrants more than a little mention of course.  The craft coffee liqueur offers an abundance of coffee in it, but it additionally boasts all the modern tastes you typically associate with a fancy coffee drink. This includes hints of caramel, vanilla, and finished with chocolate to balance out the coffee flavour. A supremely well branded and delicious looking coffee with a kick that we’ll definitely be looking to get our hands on at Coolector HQ.

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