Brew Watch Co Mastergraph Watches

We’ve all got different tastes when it comes to timepieces and if you lean towards the more traditional aesthetic, these great looking Mastergraph Watches from Brew Watch Co are sure to be ticking all the right boxes for you. Boasting a visually appealing design that will add a touch of class to any wrist in 2020, these Mastergraph Watches are probably our favourite release to date from fledgling watchmakers, Brew Watch Co.

Priced at a wallet friendly $375, the Mastergraph Watches from Brew Watch Co offer an awful lot of quality for a great price. As the name suggests, Brew Watch Co, take their inspiration from the world of coffee and take design cues from industrial espresso machines, which feature a special blend of warm contrasting colours and a variety of brushing effects. This combination of colours and textures help to emphasise every element that is used to craft these wonderfully eye-catching timepieces.

Traditional Style

In the early 1930s there was a specific category of chronograph timepieces which were nicknamed telephone timers. These watches were designed with special markings that highlighted a range between every three minutes on the sub-dial register. After each three minute marker was reached, it would remind the wearer that they would need to insert another coin in the meter to continue their call. It is this process which informed the design of the fantastic looking Mastergraph Watches from Brew Watch Co.

The Brew Watch Co Mastergraph Watches ($375) do a great job of combining a sporty style with a 1960s visual vibe that we’re big fans of here at Coolector HQ. These watches are ideal for the coffee aficionado and has specific markers on the bezel that specify when the optimal espresso shot has been extracted. The time for this ranges from 25 to 35 seconds – depending on the barista and the machine. With the rotating bezel of the Mastergraph, you can specify where you would like your timing to be in a precise manner.

Boasting highly distinctive details and design features, these bold looking Mastergraph Watches from Brew Watch Co are a great looking, stylish and top performing, with the icing on the cake being their sub-$500 price tag. The industrial nature of the design gives the Mastergraph a robust performance and each watch in the collection has a coffee bean engraved on the crown which is a nod to their caffeine inspired design roots.

Excellent Features

With watches like the Mastergraph, the devil really is in the detail and this is an area in which they positively excel. Some of the stand out features of these cracking timepieces from Brew Watch Co include a 50m water resistance, a VK68 hybrid meca-quartz chronograph movement, sapphire crystal glass casing and the 38mm dial sits perfectly on the wrist.

The price tag of $375 means that these Mastergraph Watches from Brew Watch Co are already flying off the shelves and you’ll need to move quickly if you want to secure one before they sell out. Available in three different dial colourways, you’re sure to find one that tallies with your own style sensibilities.

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