TrailForm Chameleon Backpack

When heading out on adventures into the wild, your choice of backpack will be a key consideration. It will need to offer plenty of storage for all the essentials you want to take, it will need to be robust to withstand the elements and it has to be versatile. Truth be told, however, we doubt you will have encountered a carry quite as versatile as this spectacular looking TrailForm Chameleon Backpack which is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak.

The TrailForm Chameleon Backpack has functionality above and beyond your conventional carry and will, in fact, transform your pack into an ultra-light chair, without the need to actually empty anything from the backpack and, better still, will let you access all your gear from the comfort of your chair. Perfect for taking a load off and grabbing a cold one whilst traversing a woodland trail or heading on a mountain hike.

Comfort in your Carry

For anyone who has heading out on a gruelling excursion into the wild, you’ll know only too well the pleasures of taking a seat every now and then but, let’s face it, not many of us will want to carry a seat along for the journey so this amazingly conceived and crafted TrailForm Chameleon Backpack has got you covered. The great outdoors is just that – great – but it doesn’t really afford many natural, comfortable places to sit and you are invariably forced to choose between a rock and a hard place, literally, when looking for somewhere to sit. Well, no more, courtesy of this fantastic piece of design which is already beginning to take flight over on Kickstarter.

The Chameleon Backpack from TrailForm can actually be separated to form two individual backpacks to give you that extra dimension of versatility that is essential when camping. Each backpack contains two 16 litre removable stuff sacks that have the capacity to hold all of your camping essentials and keep them protected from the elements. You are able to carry them independently as separate drawstring slings or, if you’d rather, join them together to create a 32-litre drawstring backpack which basically means you are getting two bags for the price of one (no wonder it’s proving so popular on Kickstarter).

With a lot of innovative design features, including patent-pending Penta-zip technology, which lets you unzip, arrange the collapsible Sit-System frame, attach the pack to the frame, then sit back and relax, there is a lot to be impressed with in this awesome looking Chameleon Backpack from TrailForm. You may think the chair element of this backpack might lack sturdiness but not so and it is made from ultra-light, aluminium, collapsible Sit-System frame capable of seating up to 300 pounds – pretty impressive stuff.

Solid as a Rock

Any backpack that is made with the great outdoors in mind needs to offer dependability in spades and this is achieved through clever design and the use of quality materials – both of which are in evidence with this Chameleon Backpack from TrailForm. Made from heavy duty abrasion and water-resistant denier nylon, the robustness will be evident from the minute you sling it over your shoulder and head out into the wild.

You don’t come across functionality like this in backpacks every day so it’s easy to see why the Chameleon Backpack, with integrated seat, has soared past its funding target over on Kickstarter. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen and want the ultimate in camping carries, there is still plenty of time to throw your support behind the campaign and pick one up for a bargain price.

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