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Camping is, of course, a thoroughly rewarding experience but, truth be told, you’re probably going to need a great cup of coffee in the morning to kickstart the day, particularly if the sleep you got wasn’t quite up to scratch. Well, you’re in luck with this excellent looking Bripe Coffee Pipe which is a rudimentary bit of kit for making first class coffee when out in the wild and it is is ultra-light and portable so there is no camping trip to big or small for it not to come along for the ride with you.

The Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe delivers an awesome shot of coffee to any weary camper in under three minutes and the process is incredibly simple and provides a delicious beverage at the end of it. For those of you serious about getting a real hit of coffee to get you going in the morning, particularly when you’re experiencing the great outdoors, this little bit of kit should definitely be safely stowed away in your backpack for your next camping excursion.

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Coming to fruition off the back of a singular vision of two friends, Tim Panek and Craig Hall, to create an ultra-light, ultra-portable means by which to enjoy coffee on all your outdoor adventures, the Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe is a must for any regular camper with a love of that perfect caffeine hit in the morning. Offering a whole new coffee making ritual, this cracking little accessory won’t take up hardly any space in your camping gear but will ensure that you’re only ever a few minutes away from a much needed shot of coffee.

Each Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe comes replete with a quad jet torch for heating the pipe, a reusable variable coffee filter, carry case, thermometer and a coffee tube to get that hit of coffee when you need it. Everything you require to enjoy coffee when experiencing the finest trails and hikes that Mother Nature has to offer is included within this superb little bit of kit and we’re loving its functionality and versatility here at Coolector HQ.

The striking copper finish to the Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe adds to its aesthetic appeal considerably but also ensures that its robust and hard-wearing enough to withstand whichever outdoor adventures you choose to take it on. It’s convenient and stylish carry case makes sure that you’ll be able to take it on any trip without fear of losing any of the integral parts and it stows away nicely into a backpack so it will always be within arms reach when you need a surge of coffee fuelled energy.


We take coffee pretty seriously here at Coolector HQ and are always on the lookout for awesomeness that helps us get our fix and it’s fair to say that this Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe falls squarely into that category. Camping and coffee go hand in hand and apparatus like this are instrumental to ensuring that no camping trip need endure substandard shots of coffee as and when you need that hit of energy out on the hiking trail.

The Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe has everything you require right there in the handy carry case and the fact it is so lightweight and portable is a real feather in the cap as most camping aficionados won’t want to be carrying around any cumbersome coffee apparatus when they’re out enjoying the great outdoors. A real must for any camping and coffee enthusiast.

Price: $85

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