TrailKeg Gallon Growler

Given our affinity for craft beer here at Coolector HQ, it goes without saying that we’re always on the hunt for awesome accessories that cater to these desires. Enter the brilliant looking TrailKeg Gallon Growler which, well, does exactly what it says on the tin. Basically, the perfect choice for porting around a gallon of your favourite craft ale when hitting the wilderness trail, those with a love of the amber nectar and the great outdoors are going to be in their element with this one.

The TrailKeg Gallon Growler is the ultimate in outdoor accessories in our opinion here at The Coolector and if you’re as reliant on craft beer as us, you’ll be wanting to add one of these for all your outdoor adventures in 2019. The TrailKeg Gallon Growler offers a superior performance to glass growlers which will start to go flat from the first time you open the lid and with this first class offering from TrailKeg, your beer will be staying fresh a lot longer.

Craft Beer Brilliance

You can’t go wrong with a gallon of beer in our opinion and if you’re heading on a camping trip or wilderness wander and want to have plenty of your favourite ale on hand, the TrailKeg Gallon Growler is the one for you. With a price tag of $199 and available in a black or stainless steel colour way, we dare say there will be plenty of craft beer aficionados looking to get their hands on one of these cracking growlers in 2019 – us included.

The TrailKeg Gallon Growler is one of the best in the business and it keeps your beer cold for up to 24 hours and perfectly carbonated the whole time so whenever you want to enjoy a bit of your favourite tipple it will always taste as though its fresh from the tap. This exemplary accessory from TrailKeg is understandably one of the brand’s cornerstone pieces and if you’re a homebrewer and love to share your latest creation with friends, it ticks all the right b0xes. The TrailKeg Gallon makes it easy to keep your homebrew cold and carbonated and at its best.

This vacuum insulated growler from TrailKeg offers such an excellent performance courtesy of the brilliantly designed lid which comes with a quick Disconnect Regulator Port and 75psi Manual Pressure Vent to help keep the beers cool and carbonated. Designed to let you enjoy great beers in great places, the TrailKeg Gallon Growler has been designed as a better way to have that fresh from the tap draft beer experience without being at a bar or brewery.

Innovative Design

Growlers are something that should be in the line up of all beer loving individuals and they don’t come any better than this one from TrailKeg. Their innovative design is their stand out attraction and the stainless steel Chrome tap makes great pours easy, and because it uses a standard ball lock disconnect, it can be removed during transport and wilderness adventures.

Each Gallon Growler from TrailKeg contains everything you need to get started storing and dispensing your favorite carbonated beverages and whilst we’d probably only use it for craft beer here at Coolector HQ, it’s just as adept at storing coffee, sodas and cocktails. The ideal adventure ally for the beer lovers out there and fairly priced at $199, we dare say there will be plenty of wilderness adventures made better by one of these growlers over the next 12 months.

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