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Almost all things look better through the filtered lens of a camera so it stands to reason that sunglasses designed by photographers would offer a whole new perspective on things and that’s exactly what we’ve got here with these awesome looking Tens Filter Sunglasses which recently launched over on Kickstarter and are already taking it by storm. Understandably so when you consider the quality of the wares on offer here.

The Tens Filter Sunglasses are crafted with a custom designed and made filter lens that provides an uplifting tint to the world in front of you and, it’s fair to say, taking in the sights and sounds of your adventures will be drastically improved if they’re viewed through a pair of these incredibly eye-catching sunglasses.

Road Tripping

Made with the adventurous in mind, the idea for Tens Sunglasses came to three friends as they experienced a road trip adventure through the Scottish Highlands and as photographers and filmmakers with a real desire for adding rich, warm hues to their work, it was only natural to bring this process to the real world – and so began their journey of crafting some of the coolest looking, filtered sunglasses you’ll ever come across.

Already far surpassing their funding target over on Kickstarter, it is plain to see that there are a lot of like minded individuals out there who want to add a sort of Instagram filter to their lives in real-time and these ace looking Tens Filter Sunglasses are the ideal means of achieving this. Their 2017 collection of wares boasts an impressive custom tint lens that will bathe your surroundings in a warm, pleasant glow the minute you pull them on and, once they’re on, you won’t want to take them off again.

Tackling the shortcomings of regular sunglasses, these Tens Filtered ones work with the warmth of the sun (instead of against it like conventional sunglasses) to make your everyday adventures look and feel ten times better (hence the brand name we’re guessing). The lens is the stand out feature of these sunglasses of course but they still ensure that you’re entirely protected and offer full UV400 protection, which blocks 100% of the sun’s harmful rays but, all the while, still offering the unparalleled filtered view of the world.

Plenty of Selection

There is an impressive amount of new frames to choose from within Tens’ already successful Kickstarter campaign, including our own favourite here at Coolector HQ, the Classic Deluxe, which is based on the frame that started it all and constructed from an optical-grade Italian acetate, Japanese wire frame and a strong five-barrel gold hinge.

As spring is already upon us, meaning that summer is right around the corner, there is no better time to get your hands on a new pair of sunglasses and we can think of few that we’d rather be sporting when the sun comes out to play than these brilliantly designed and crafted Tens Filter Sunglasses. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen, there’s just under a month left to head on over to Kickstarter and get your hands on a pair for a reduced price before they officially hit the shelves later in the year.

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