I am, upsettingly, given the fact the fact he seems pretty awesome, entirely unfamiliar with the work of David Seraris. I hoping that this will change, however, after I stumbled across this trailer for C.O.G which is an autobiographical comedy which is the first ever screen adaptation of a piece of worked by one of America’s most acclaimed writers.

C.O.G stars Jonathan Groff as David and follows him on a journey of discovery whereby he works the summer months on a farm in North West America. This is the sort of wry humour we’re fans of here at The Coolector and even though Sedaris had hitherto flown entirely under our radar, we’re looking forward to C.O.G considerably courtesy of the excellent looking trailer above.

Following David as he experiences a veritable multitude of misadventures, C.O.G has been billed as “hilariously uncomfortable” and, as fans of The Office, that’s exactly the type of humour we’re after at The Coolector and as it was one of the Official Selections at the 2013 Sundance Movie Festival, it looks like we’re not alone.

C.O.G is a Focus Features production and set for release on September 20th.

* Added bonus – It has Ziggy from Quantum Leap in it.

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