Stumptown Cold Brew

Stumptown Cold Brew

We’re firm fans of coffee at The Coolector HQ but we’ve been left wrecks of men by the recent UK heatwave – an occurrence that us British chaps are entirely unaccustomed to. Now, despite the increase in temperature, we were entirely unwilling to forgo our coffee fix as a result so we were forced to just take one on the chin and drink our brews nonetheless.

As you can imagine, I was distraught to discover this delicious looking Stumptown Cold Brew now that the hot temperatures have subsided – as we could certainly have used it when we were stoically drinking our coffee in outrageously hot temperatures.

I’m not going to lie, I hadn’t heard of the Stumptown brand of coffee before I stumbled across the lip-smacking looking Cold Brew beverage. Stumptown are a bunch of coffee making chaps operating out of Portland, Oregon, who do things in a way that we here at The Coolector certainly appreciate and they aim to do things differently but without ever compromising on quality. Sourcing the best coffee beans in the world by cultivating friendships with the growers, Stumptown Coffee will certainly let you taste the difference and their Cold Brew will be perfect for those hot days when chilling out (without a hot drink) is essential. Check out Stumptown Cold Brew below:


Stumptown Cold Brew, or “Toddy Coffee” to the initiated, is crafted by brewing the coffee over a long period of time without any heat and via a double filtration process. The end result of this loving crafted brew is a smooth and sweet, full-bodied beverage with a chocolate aftertaste. We’re sold at The Coolector. Just need the sun to come out again.

Check out the Cold Brew and their other wares over at Stumptown Coffee.

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