The Dollar Wallet

As a man who doesn’t really carry a wallet around, perhaps through frugality and not liking a cumbersome carry in my pocket, I do believe it is time to remedy this situation and I think The Coolector has come across the perfect contender for the position during our daily trawling of the Kickstarter website – The Dollar Wallet.

I think even I, a man notorious for his reluctance to spend money, can countenance the spending of a single dollar – the price at which the Dollar Wallet will begin because not only does said wallet look excellent, it’s a price that we can all get onboard with. A devilishly simple and highly functional offering, The Dollar Wallet is the brainchild of Charlotte, N.C, resident, Kyle J Britt and he created it after seeing a demand for high quality, USA made, minimalist style wallets without having to pay a premium for the privilege.

Costing a mere $1 and made from high-quality, American made fibre-board and non-roll elastic, The Dollar Wallet is highly durable and capable of fitting between 8-10 credit cards and a wad of your cash but, truth be told, I don’t carry cash around anymore so I’ll probably be able to sneak my Blockbuster card in as well. A mightily refined number, The Dollar Wallet is a definite favourite of The Coolector – check it out below:


Show your support for the wonderfully priced and superbly sartorial The Dollar Wallet at Kickstarter.

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