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Whilst receiving over $15m in funding isn’t always a precursor to a successful product, it is certainly a sure indication that people want what it is you’re offering and with the amazing looking Caavo Streaming Device, you can count us amongst that bunch here at Coolector HQ.

Put simply, the Caavo Streaming Device aims to offer a much more fluid and straightforward means of digesting your entertainment at home and delivers a single interface that aims to marry together all the different streaming services that we all tend to use on a daily basis – be this Netflix, Amazon or Apple TV. The way in which it does this is not only mighty impressive but also exceptionally versatile and it’s got us sitting up and taking notice here at The Coolector.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Cross The Streams

It’s fair to say that we’re big fans of the likes of Netflix and Amazon TV here at The Coolector and will regularly be binge watching boxsets aplenty when time permits. That being said, however, there is definitely scope for a device that makes watching our favourite products when and where we want that bit easier and, by the looks of it, that product is the fantastic looking Caavo Streaming Device.

A fairly simple offering when it boils down to it but one that a lot of entertainment fans will appreciate, the Caavo Streaming Device essentially provides a universal remote with voice control functionality and, all importantly, the unified TV interface which allows users to search and discover all the TV content which is at their disposal. This might not seem that revolutionary but it is something that streamers have been seeking for a long time.

The problem that is typically faced regarding access to our favourite streaming devices and services is the fact that we simply don’t have enough HDMI ports to cope with the ever growing list of devices we want to make use of as entertainment aficionados but this is an issue that Caavo deals with wonderfully well and provides not just an impressive eight HDMI ports but an aesthetically superior device that houses them.

Making Life Easier

The way in which we all watch television and the sheer amount of content we consume has increased exponentially over the last few years and the Caavo Streaming Device is the first that really aims to tackle this issue head on. It’s extremely simple to use and when its plugged in, the system will instantly recognise the sort of streaming box or game system that has been connected to it and will add it to its intuitive navigation system.

All you need to do is input into your Caavo Streaming Device which services that you have a subscription for and you can even designate which device you’d prefer to access each one on – which essentially means, for example, if you’d rather watch Netflix on your PS4 but like Amazon on your Fire TV, that’s not a problem.

Once you have your Caavo Streaming Device up and running, you can search through all your available content using a voice-activated universal remote control. To watch a specific show, you just tell the remote to “watch” it. We’re mighty excited about the potential of the device here at Coolector HQ and can’t wait for it to hit shelves later this year.

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