Cake Kalk INK eBike

Some eBikes are built for urban commutes and others for adventure and the Cake Kalk INK eBike certainly fits into the latter category. This breathtaking machine is based on the same technology as the Kalk OR. It uses the same robust drivetrain with slightly heavier and stable wheels and a simplified and yet sturdier suspension for the ultimate adventure machine. It’s all about a fast, hassle free and thrilling backcountry exploration, without polluting or disturbing.

Worldwide deliveries of the Cake Kalk INK eBike will start in July (all things being well, of course) and has a price tag of €9500 which, considering what an accomplished machine it is, represents excellent value for money. Swedish workshop, Cake, have excelled themselves with this latest release and it’s easy to see why it’s already causing quite the stir amongst those looking to get their hands on an eBike in 2020.

Excellent Value for Money

The fact that you can get an eBike as accomplished as the Cake Kalk INK for under €10k is something that is nothing short of miraculous. On the face of it, the INK seems similar to the workshop’s previous release as it’s got the same 15bhp motor, that can propel the bike up to a max speed of 50mph, while it also has the same removable 2.6kWh battery, which gives it a run time of around three hours.

In addition, it’s also got the same 6061 extruded aluminium frame and swing-arm. It’s with the finishing kit that things really change for the Cake Kalk INK eBike (€9500) and the fully equipped version boasts custom-made, fully-adjustable Öhlins suspension to the front and rear, on top of being draped in brushed aluminium, the entry-level INK gets a regular 200mm worth of suspension. The wheels of this eye-catching steed are a touch heavier too, although the whole bike still only weighs just 72kg with the battery included.

The motor of the Cake Kalk INK eBike has three power modes (namely, explore, excite and excel) which enhances the snappiness and power of the bike – though it does so at the expense of its range capabilities. It also has three regen settings with none, two-stroke and four-stroke styles. The charging of the bike can take place from a standard wall outlet with 0-100% taking just two-and-a-half hours your average plug outlet. The battery is also removable so you can swap them if you’re itching to ride one.

First Class Handling

The Cake Kalk INK eBike has lightweight with superb handling similar to a robust downhill mountain bike, but with the size of a dirt bike (with the torque to match). eBikes like the Cake Kalk aim to take the best of both realms and create something a touch different different. The design is reminiscent of early machines from Zero Motorcycles, which used a lot of theory and parts from the bicycle industry to make their electric bikes and this ramps it up. 

The Cake design might be understated and simple but the performance and price are beyond compare and that’s what is making these bikes fly of the digital shelves of the Swedish motorbike workshop. If you want an eBike that is built for adventure in 2020, this one would definitely be one of our top picks here at Coolector HQ.

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