Calm The F*ck Down Magic Tea

If you’re finding yourself stressed of late and looking for a resolution, we might have just come across the perfect solution in the form of this brilliantly conceived Calm The Fuck Down Magic Tea which is the brilliant branding work of Canadian graphic designer, Pascal Lefebvre, who in, all his creative glory, might just have come up with the perfect tea for Coolector HQ.

Lamentably, Calm The Fuck Down Magic Tea is currently just a branding and graphic design project for a new tea company that he has conceived but such is its obvious awesomeness, we’re definitely hoping it takes the leapt from concept to reality. The objective of the brand idea was to stand out from the other teas on the market and with slogans like “Calm the f*ck down & enjoy some inner peace, bitch”, I think it’s safe to say it’s mission accomplished. Check out some more shots of this top notch conceptual brand below:








We love a good cup of tea here at Coolector HQ and we’re in no doubt that, were it real, this would be a great one. We love every element of Calm The F*ck Down Magic Tea from the typography to the copywriting and tip our cap to the creative capabilities of Lefebvre for coming up with such an awesome looking brand.

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