Steel Bison

In our opinion here at Coolector HQ, any talented graphic designer or illustrator with an abundance of creativity¬†should be opening up online stores and emblazoning their artistic capabilities and typography talents upon everything from T-shirts to coffee cups but, let’s face it, not all of them are going to do it quite so well as a chap by the name of Sam Larson and his, frankly awesome, Steel Bisons online store which is chock full of all manner of excellence including notebooks, prints and badges.

Sam Larson is freelance artist and designer who operates out of Carlsbad in California and, somewhat gaulingly has more creative talent in his little finger than we have in our entire bodies here at Coolector HQ and we’ve been left overwhelmingly impressed with the superb series of wares that are to be found in his Steel Bison store – which is a side project to his freelance design work endeavours.

Steel Bison boasts artwork from Larson that is distinctly outdoorsy in nature and we’re massive fans of the style in which this talented chap presents his artwork across an array of items. Check out some of our favourite finds from the Steel Bison store below:





A life spent in the great outdoors is definitely something that appeals but remains unfeasible currently so we typically have to live vicariously through brilliantly creative individuals like Larson and his first rate collection of wares that will appeal to anyone who is after a spot of adventure.

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