URWERK EMC Time Hunter Watch

When it comes to unusual and visually impactful timepieces, few watchmakers do it better than URWERK and so they have proven once again with the, frankly rather extraordinary looking, EMC Time Hunter Watch. This magnificent looking timepiece is a world first and enables its wearer to both monitor its precision as worn on the wrist as well as the amplitude of the watch.

The URWERK EMC Time Hunter Watch is an exceptional looking timepiece which has interactivity at its core. Its accuracy can then be easily adjusted for each owner’s lifestyle rather than the controlled environment of the watchmaker’s atelier. If it’s a bold, visually vibrant you want on your wrist this summer, it’s going to be a difficult one to beat and it is chock full of fine features which help to set it apart from the competition.

Time On Your Side

Described as the world’s first high-end, mechanical watch with electronic indications, it’s clear to see right from the get go that the EMC Time Hunter isn’t your average timepiece. This glorious looking construct from URWERK allows the owner to gauge both the state of the movement (AMPLITUDE) and the chronometric performance (PRECISION) of his watch and that’s something pretty unprecedented in the world of watchmaking.

The URWERK EMC Time Hunter Watch boasts a dial with four distinct and separate indications – namely, an hours and minutes dial, 80-hour power reserve indicator, a seconds dial and precision and amplitude indicators – which all combine together to deliver an impactful looking watch that will undoubtedly turn heads everywhere you go.

This sensational looking timepiece has a bespoke balance wheel which is crafted from non-magnetic and anti-corrosion ARCAP. Its dimensions and shape have been carefully calculated to optimise data from the optical sensor, maximise aerodynamic efficiency and minimise loss of amplitude. The precision can be adjusted by turning the screw on the back, which changes the active length of the spring.

Built For Adventure

This stunning timepiece isn’t designed to sit on display, it’s made for adventure and has the components and materials to back it up. The URWERK EMC Time Hunter Watch has sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating and each one is pressure tested to 3 ATM which will be more than enough for any underwater adventures you might have planned.

Boasting a satin finish with bead-blasting, the EMC Time Hunter is a real head turned and for any man with a love of the unique and visually vibrant, this one is certainly going to be tough to beat. A great design, unparalleled performance and first class materials all combine to make this one of URWERK’s most impressive watches to date.

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