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No man’s line up of everyday carry would be complete without a wallet but it’s important to find one that fits in with your requirements and personal sense of style. Having recently come across Cardamon Wallets on Kickstarter, we’re pretty confident they’ll fulfil both these requirements here at Coolector HQ.


A wallet is a cornerstone of any man’s EDC so it’s important to take your time in choosing the next one to grace your pocket and there are a lot of features that it needs to possess in order to do the business. Versatility, durability, style and functionality are just some of the main requirements of a wallet today and, it’s fair to say, Cardamon Wallets excel in all of these areas and it’s not hard to see why it’s doing so well over on Kickstarter.

Simplicity Personified

The standout claim of the Cardamon Wallet is that it is the billfold wallet distilled and in its purest, most minimalist form and this makes for a mighty impressive, understated accessory that any man will be happy to see take up residence in their pocket. Cardamon Wallets retain the core functionality of a traditional wallet but they have many new, impressive design features aimed at setting them apart from the competition.



With different versions available (of slightly differing sizes) to accommodate different currency sizes, Cardamon Wallets are just about as versatile as they come and their cool, understated look will certainly appeal to today’s minimalist mindset. It is the robustness of these wallets, however, that will really make them stand out and they are crafted using complex technology and construction methods that have never been used to make a wallet.


By making use of high-frequency welding and a heat press to thermoform the profile of the wallet, it means that only a minimal amount of stitching is required to bond the wallet together. The end result of this means that the Cardamon collection of wallets are more durable than those which are constructed from the finest leather. Which, we can all agree, is a pretty impressive feature.

First Rate Features

When you find the right wallet, chances are most men will stick with that accessory until they’ve run it into the ground and these great looking wallets from Cardamon have got all of the features that men will demand from their accessory and plenty more besides. With room for up to eight cards and described as the most compact and durable minimalist billfold wallet ever made, it really isn’t hard to fathom why it has stormed past its funding target on Kickstarter.


Available in a number of different colours to match your own personal style preferences, we’re big fans of these Cardamon Wallets here at Coolector HQ and, you’ll be glad to hear, if you are too, there is still plenty of time to get behind the project on Kickstarter and pick one up for a bargain price.

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