Electric Road Glacier Sunglasses

Whilst heading into winter is perhaps not the best time to be thinking about sunglasses, there are reasons why you might perhaps want to get your hands on some now and, truth be told, you’re not going to find any better suited to the winter months or more painfully cool than these Road Glacier Sunglasses from Electric.


A first class design collaboration between Electric & Chris Christenson, these Road Glacier Sunglasses are crafted with the intention of dealing with anything the elements can throw at you and remain looking ultra cool all the while. Come wind, rain, snow or shine, the Road Glacier Sunglasses will deal with them all the same and make sure that you look the part whilst they do.

Year Round Sunglasses

Whilst most sunglasses will be built with the summer months in mind, the Electric Road Glacier Sunglasses are cut from a different cloth and will keep you looking cool and your eyes protected all year round. Boasting performance enhancing lens coatings and interchangeable/removable eye shields these are clearly far removed from your run of the mill sunglasses and deliver performance and style above and beyond the call of duty. With two separate and adjustable temple options that help to guarantee the fit and function of the sunglasses are the biggest stand out feature of the Road Glacier Sunglasses innovation and style.


The collaboration with Chris Christenson, a well known surfer / snowboarder, who had his input on the look, style and shape of these Road Glacier Sunglasses from Electric and his all action lifestyle served as the catalyst for creating such a robust and durable pair of sunglasses suitable for all seasons.

Traveling for both my career and my passions, I wanted a sunglass that could perform in any situation with a unique design element not affected by passing trends. The results exceeded my expectations and the design is timeless.

The frame of these impressive sunglasses from Electric is a real standout feature and it is a 6 Base mold injected Grilamid frame with innovative double action hinge system that delivers a thoroughly impressive aesthetic that you’ll love and make your sunglasses stand out from the crowd wonderfully well. Coupled with the mesh eye-shields, these Electric Road Glacier Sunglasses have a visual appeal unlike any other we’ve encountered at Coolector HQ and we’re sure that adrenaline junkies will be snapping these up in their droves.

Customisable Cool

Another great feature to be found with these awesome sunglasses from Electric is just how customisable they are. You have the option buy additional kit for them depending on your requirements and what you’re going to be using them for. Just a few cool little extras which can be added to the Road Glacier Sunglasses include a polarised kit which offers high performance hydrophobic, oleophobic, anti-reflective, and hard lens coatings and leather eye shields for that extra level of protection from the sun’s rays.



If you’re on the hunt for an ultra resilient and painfully cool pair of sunglasses which can be worn year round then you’re simply not going to find a better candidate for the job than this fantastic Road Glacier Sunglasses from Electric and Chris Christenson.

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