Hadars Hus

It seems to us, here at Coolector HQ at least, that Scandinavia has more than it’s fair share of supremely talented designers and architects and this is something which has been showcased once again with the small but perfectly formed Hadars Hus from Asante Architecture & Design.


Hadars Hus is situated right by a spectacular coastline in Stokkøya, Norway and whilst it isn’t overflowing with space, the square footage it does have is fully capitalised upon to deliver a truly exceptional living space that would act as the perfect retreat to get away from it all.

Stylish Living

Through the combination of innovative and clever design principles from Asante, Hadars Hus is somewhere to live, work or just enjoy and there is something for everyone within both its well-thought out exterior and luxuriously appointed interior.




Placed on a rocky coastline, Hadars Hus has unquestionably got a striking backdrop to complement its understated architectural design and we’re huge fans of the minimalist aesthetic that it boasts both inside and out here at Coolector HQ.

Going Green

It’s not just visually that Hadars Hus excels – it is also made in the right way to be as environmentally friendly as possible. It is crafted from wood and inside you will find a contemporary low-energy heating system that uses firewood to fuel it. The external facade of Hadars Hus is maintenance free and made of burned wood, which is a traditional technique from Japan transformed into a Norwegian context.


We’re big fans of clever, understated architecture at The Coolector and the brilliantly realised Hadars Hus falls into this category wonderfully well. Located in a breathtaking part of the world and chock full of magnificent design features, this is certainly one place we’d love to make a home away from home.

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