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When it comes to everyday carry, there is a certain something about leather goods that really resonates with us here at Coolector HQ and finding a purveyor of such goods is no easy task when you’re after both style and quality craftsmanship but there is both of these qualities in spades with London based accessories brand, Carl Friedrik, who boast a mighty impressive line up of leather goods going into summer.

If you’re on the hunt for exceptionally well crafted leather goods to ramp up your style over the next few months, you’ll be thoroughly impressed with the selection of goods from Carl Friedrik that includes wallets, weekender bags and portfolio style carries no name but a few and you can take a look at a few of our favourite pieces from their latest collection below:

Carl Friedrik Hatton Leather Cardholder

Sophistication personified, these gloriously stylish Hatton Leather Cardholders from Carl Friedrik has sufficient space for five cards and they are handcrafted in a small factory in Naples so the quality really shines through. With a side opening to place your bills, these fantastically dapper cardholders are perfectly suited to today’s modern man who doesn’t want to carry much around with them and just has the essential cards on a day to day basis.

PRICE: £55

Carl Friedrik Swanfield Leather Card Wallet

Functionality and versatility are the key elements of this cracking Swanfield Leather Card Wallet from Carl Friedrik and it boasts a slim, vertical bi-fold profile that is capable of holding up to seven cards with space for bills in the internal card slots. This deliciously stylish piece of EDC also boasts an external pocket where you can keep your most frequently used cards such as travel cards and debit cards. Immensely stylish and well-crafted.

PRICE: £65

Carl Friedrik Hanbury Grained Leather Weekender Bag

The weekender bag is a staple of any regular traveller’s line up of accessories but not all are quite as stylish, well-crafted and functional as the superb looking Hanbury Weekender from Carl Friedrik. This immeasurably luxurious carry boasts vegetable tanned leather with a heavy-duty Raccagni Zipper that provides an impressive gravitas to the bag and makes it the ideal choice for those short breaks away this summer.

PRICE: £400

Carl Friedrik Islington Leather Laptop Case

If you want to carry your laptop around in style, this wonderfully luxurious Islington Laptop Case from Carl Friedrik will unquestionably tick all the right boxes. Made from eye-catching Italian Vachetta Leather and crafted from the same Italian artisans that this London accessories brand uses to ensure the quality of all their wares, this first class laptop case is both immensely stylish and will provide the sort of protection you’d demand for your laptop.

PRICE: £125

Carl Friedrik Palissy Briefcase

The briefcase is the ultimate sign of sophistication in the carry department and they simply don’t come more elegant than these exceptionally striking and fantastically functional Palissy Briefcases from Carl Friedrik. A thoroughly modern case which has the versatility to act as a personal portfolio; an everyday companion for the modern gentleman. Overflowing with luxurious design features, this is one briefcase that you’ll want to use everyday.


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