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If, like us here at The Coolector, you’re more concerned with urban biking as opposed to mountain and off road biking then you’ll likely want to get your hands on a classy looking steed as summer approaches and, truth be told, you’re unlikely to find many that match this awesome looking Donhou Town Bicycle in the visual department.

Donhou are a multi award winning frame building workshop who can be found in east London. They are synonymous with crafting some of the worlds finest steel bicycles and this immeasurably eye-catching Town Bicycle from Donhou has got all the makings of a classic and for anyone on the hunt for a new means of getting about town this year, this will surely be one of the best choices you can make.

Well Made Wares

When it comes to choosing a bicycle, you want to go with a maker who knows what they’re doing and Donhou are unquestionably one of the best in the business in this regard. They labour over every single process of the bike’s design, production and finishing stages and will always strive to make each frame as perfect as it can be and this is something which can clearly be witnessed in their stunningly attractive and stealthy looking Town Bicycle.

The Donhou Town Bicycle will, at first glance, look like a classic town run-around, but it’s not until that you take the time to look a little closer that you’ll realise that it’s very much a contemporary contraption that excels both visually and in terms of the performance that it is capable of delivering. The bike’s frame is crafted entirely with Reynolds 953 which is a stainless steel with an especially lofty strength to weight ratio. Additionally, the fact it’s stainless provides a truly top notch level of weather resistance to ensure it withstands the notoriously inclement weather we have on our shores.

Sleekness personified, the Donhou Town Bicycle is a fixie and is propelled with a mighty impressive and robust Gates Carbon Drive belt. This is the ideal choice for any type of urban cycling, as it requires little or no maintenance and will take you for many, many miles before it shows any signs of wearing out. In addition, you’ll find Disc brakes which add the assured stopping power you require for emergency stops in the notoriously unpredictable traffic of urban cycling.

Superb Design Features

What really makes the Donhou Town Bicycle stand out from the crowd is the bevy of top class little features that it has that add to its already impressive amount of aesthetic appeal and excellent performance. With a super cool, braze-on bell mount, exposed stainless at the top of the seat tube top and on the fender tips and the retro styled Brooks saddle, it’s hard not to be won over by the visual charms of this glorious looking bike and we’re loving its style here at Coolector HQ.

Whilst this Town Bicycle was purpose built for a client by Donhou, it does a fine job of showcasing their considerable talents when it comes to bike design and craftsmanship and anyone on the hunt for a new bike in the London area this year will certainly be well served by paying this east London workshop a visit.

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