Globe LED Terrarium

If you’re looking for a range of new and cool items to decorate your home over the next few months, you’ll probably be like us and scouring the internet for various forms of awesomeness and you can kill two birds with one stone with these amazing looking Globe LED Terrariums which not only provide an attractive focal point for a room but also deliver a form of understated lighting whilst they’re at it.

The Globe LED Terrarium is the handiwork of Richard Clarkson Studio, a Brooklyn based studio which delivers a multitude of services in consultancy, product and experience design. They also operates as an in-house fabrication facility with an evolving selection of wares available for sale but it is these striking Terrariums that have really caught our eye here at Coolector HQ with their unique and innovative crafting.

Whole World in the Palm of your Hand

Immensely stylish and functional, these Globe LED Terrariums from Richard Clarkson Studio are made from a wide variety of materials including brass, steel, wire rope, glass and handblown glass and this delivers a classy, stylish aesthetic which will add considerably to the visual impact of any room in which you place these awesome looking pieces of design.

The Globe LED Terrariums are suspended in a handblown glass ball in either 12″ and 8″ diameters, and you can make the choice as to whether they come with or without an intergraded LED light source. The design of the Globe provides a truly unique viewing perspective of various plants and other elements and such is the layout, they often showcase either an intense magnification or complete disappearance depending on your viewpoint and the lighting used.

If you love well made, impeccably designed goods then these Globe LED Terrariums from Richard Clarkson Studio will tick all of the right boxes and will make a superb addition to any creative workspace crying out for a touch of class. With a power cord that is nigh on invisible, they won’t clutter your workspace and each Globe uses micro-wire technology which was developed for wearable electronics. This is then combined with understated but exceptionally robust stainless steel cable to give the impression that it floats in the air – a mighty impressive visual impact indeed.

Versatile Design

There is a degree of versatility throughout the design of the Globe LED Terrariums from Richard Clarkson Studio and at its core it is a planter but it can also be used in a number of other ways as well which includes protecting and displaying objects to diffusing and refracting light. For example when filled with water the Globe acts as a stunning lens – with the addition of a few drops of white or colored food dye it is possible to create some truly spectacular light effects.

For those of you with a love of interior design on the hunt for some top notch new wares for your home or workspace, these excellent looking pieces from Richard Clarkson Studio would certainly be atop our list here at Coolector HQ and the fact they are so versatile merely adds to their appeal still further.

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