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I think most drivers will, at one point or other, endeavoured to incorporate their iPad or iPhone onto their car dashboard with varying levels of success but these DIY efforts will soon be a thing of the past courtesy of the excellent looking CarPlay by Apple that is all set to be included in a number of car manufacturer’s vehicles in 2014.

Billed by Apple as a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone whilst driving, CarPlay takes all the normal elements that you use on your iPhone and puts them on an eye-catching and intuitive touchscreen on the car dashboard. You can carry out all the major functions from your iPhone on CarPlay such as making calls, using directions and sending messages all in a way which won’t divert your attention from the road.

Using Siri, Carplay will listen to your commands and respond accordingly so if you want to play a certain playlist or call someone whilst on the go, you just speak to CarPlay and it will do your bidding for you. We here at The Coolector are definitely on board with any devices that make the process of driving more enjoyable and it’s fair to say that CarPlay looks as though it will fall firmly within this category.

carplay map

carplay music

Apple’s CarPlay integrated dashboard will be found in a number of car brand’s vehicles in 2014 and a few that have signed on already include Ferrari, Jaguar, Volvo, Mercedes and Honda with many more dedicated to using the device in their vehicles after 2014.  We’re definitely impressed with the easy to use interface of CarPlay here at Coolector HQ and we’ll hopefully be in a position to buy the Ferrari with one in later this year. Or, at least, a Honda.

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