Every Episode Breaking Bad Prints (Spoilers)

We thought that nobody could love Breaking Bad as much as us here at Coolector HQ but, as it transpires, there may well be a chap more dedicated than us and he goes by the name of Zsolt Molnar, a Hungarian designer who spent a rather impressive five months creating an awesome print for every single episode of Breaking Bad – yep, all 62 of them.

Using a memorable moment or quote from each episode, Molnar has crafted some visually arresting prints that really strike a chord with us here at The Coolector given our shameless love of the hit show. Incorporating most major characters and some of the most iconic quotes from the show, Molnar has successfully accomplished his objective of crafting some truly timeless Breaking Bad artwork and we here at The Coolector salute him.

Clearly mourning the end of Breaking Bad as much as we do, Molnar decided to embark on his epic design project whereby he researched the symbolism and colours of each and every episode and put them into his designs to wonderful effect. There are plenty of other shows which we’d love Molnar to apply his skilled hand to in 2014 but we’ll have to wait and see which is next on his list.

Price: $20+

Available: Society 6

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