Cars And Film Prints

We’ve often featured those who love movies and cars here on The Coolector but, truth be told, we’ve not seen many represent this affinity for automobiles in films more admirably than a supremely talented graphic designer by the name of Jesús Prudencio and his wonderfully creative series of prints called CarsAndFilms.

It’s impossible not to notice the pivotal roles that cars play in many films and they simply wouldn’t be the same entity or as memorable were these iconic machines not there to light up the silver screen. Imagine Ghostbusters without the eponymous vehicle or Breaking Bad without the mobile meth lab – it doesn’t bear thinking about and Jesús Prudencio has pandered to our love of these cars here at Coolector HQ with his fantastically realised set of prints which takes in motorcars from the likes of Goldfinger, the A-Team, Scarface, Moonrise Kingdom and many, many more.

We love uncovering awesome artwork which we think would look great on the walls of Coolector HQ and we’re definitely of the opinion that this superb set of CarsAndFilms Prints from Jesús Prudencio would be worthy of taking pride of place in our workspace. If you’re on the lookout for some stylised and brazenly awesome pieces of artwork for your own home and have a love of both films and movies, these will fit the bill nicely.

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