Cleverhood Cycling Capes

When cycling, particularly in these colder, wetter winter months, you’re going to want to ensure you’re as protected from the elements as possible and, in terms of keeping all the most inclement of weather conditions at bay, you’re not going to find many great allies for your journey than these awesome looking Cleverhood Cycling Capes. Functional, eye-catching and perfect for keeping you dry whilst out on the bike, we’re definitely impressed here at Coolector HQ.

Cleverhood Cycling Capes are purpose built for tackling rainy conditions and for those of us who have ever jumped on the bike only to be on the receiving end of a veritable soaking, these cracking little accessories will be somewhat of a godsend. Cleverly designed and made from the finest materials, these Cycling Capes are made in the USA from waterproof materials which have been purpose picked from their durability and robustness.

Rain, Rain Stay Away

Needless to say, there is a high propensity for getting soaked all splashed whilst you’re riding your bicycle in the cold, wet depths of winter but this need no longer be a concerned courtesy of these superbly crafted and devilishly dapper Cleverhood Cycling Capes. They come with a fitted hood, which has been carefully optimised to make sure it doesn’t impact your peripheral vision and will fit under your cycling helmet as well.

The Cleverhood Cycling Capes are, of course, crafted from waterproof materials because, let’s face it, that’s the most needed form of resistance out on the bike and they are coated with a reflective dream which means that when the days get darker earlier in winter, you’ll still be extremely visible to other motorists on the road. This is an extremely important safety feature and one that will make these capes an attractive proposition for riders young and old. In addition to this, you’ll find wind tabs on the sides for high wind days.

Available in a number of different styles – including even those for your four legged friends – each Cleverhood Cycling Cape boasts a robust, waterproof breathable membrane fabric and protective seam-sealing. The capes come with a fitted hood and a large brim to ensure that your face stays dry whilst riding. Cleverly conceived arm holes with snappy magnetic closures ensure your riding style isn’t affected and the chest pocket ensures that your valuables such as wallets and phones remain protected with a water-resistant Uretek zipper that repels the elements in style.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Whilst it may be true that not all heroes wear capes, those who are riding their bikes in rainy conditions who want to stay dry certainly do and you’ll not find any more functional, stylish or robust than these Cleverhood Cycling Capes. Made in the USA to exacting standards, they’re always going to have you covered (literally) when the rain begins to pour during a bike ride and if you’re a regular commuter to work on your bike and want to protect your work clothes, one of these cracking capes is a must.

Cleverhood are a brand that we only recently discovered here at The Coolector but given our love of getting aboard a bike (and the terrible weather we typically endure around these here parts), their discovery is a very timely one. If you’re equally disillusioned with getting soaked whilst riding your bike and want a functional, durable and stylish solution to keep you dry on the saddle then you really need look no further than a waterproof, Cleverhood Cycling Cape.

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