Clive Roddy Balloon Pin House

Let’s face it, no matter how old or hard-hearted you are, the Pixar movie, Up, pulled on the heartstrings pretty good and the most iconic element of the movie, the balloon propelled house, has served as inspiration for many in the design community. One of the best examples we’ve seen of it here at Coolector HQ is this super cool Balloon Pin House from designer, Clive Roddy.


As the name suggests, the Balloon Pin House is a small accessory shaped like a house with a cork-ball to stick in balloon coloured pins to resemble the house from the hit movie. This clever piece of design isn’t going to set the world alight but if you’re after a quirky means of storing your pins, it’s difficult to top.

Up, Up and Away

Whilst we perhaps don’t use pins a great deal in our day to day operations here at The Coolector, we’re sure that there are still plenty of people out there that do and you might as well have one of the most awesome pin dispensers going with this cracking Balloon Pin House from Clive Roddy.



It comes with 300 pins of multiple different colours and the house is made of robust wooden plywood with a flat base for storing on your desk – though it can just as easily be mounted on a wall, map or noticeboard using a single screw. Given the simple design, it boasts a mighty impressive visual impact and for anyone operating in the creative industries, it will definitely look the part.

Simple But Effective

We’ve always got time for small, clever pieces of design that make their mark here at Coolector HQ and it’s fair to say, this is exactly what this Balloon Pin House from Clive Roddy does. We’re always looking for cool workspaces for inspiration and we’re in little doubt that something like this would fit in well with the sort of desks and working environments that we favour at The Coolector.


Funny, cleverly designed and extremely useful to boot, the Balloon Pin House from Clive Roddy is the ideal gift for any Up enthusiast or perfect fare for those who find themselves doing a lot of pinning on a day to day basis.

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