Sanborn Waxed Roll-Top Backpack

When it comes to outdoor provisions, particularly of the adventure variety then there are few brands out there doing it better than Sanborn Canoe Company right now. As their name suggests, accessories pertaining to canoeing are their forte but they regularly branch out into other well-made pieces and another fine example of this is their stunning Sanborn Waxed Roll-Top Backpack.


Sanborn Canoe Company have been on our radar for years now here at Coolector HQ and we’re always excited to see when they’ve got new products. Their Roll-Top Backpack is one of the best looking we’ve seen for some time and, as you’d expect for a purveyor of such fine goods, it is made in the right way.

First Time for Everything

This is Sanborn Canoe Company’s first foray into the world of bag making and, purely from an aesthetic point of view, they’ve definitely hit a home run straight off the bat.


The glorious looking construct boasts some super cool features that should make it a lead contender for your next bag purchase and these include the fact it is constructed from extremely robust TexWax™ #10 Duck Canvas to ensure your gear stays safe and dry at all times.


Supremely well crafted from the ground up, this fantastically conceived design from Sanborn will be just as suitable for canoe trips down the river as it is for daily commutes into work.

Made in the USA

Ensuring that each component of their exceptional looking Roll-Top Waxed Bag is made in the USA, this superb offering from Sanborn will undoubtedly appeal to anyone in the market for a functional, versatile and painfully cool bag for any autumn and winter adventures on the horizon.


There is all manner of clever storage solutions with the Roll-Top Backpack from Sanborn Canoe Company including an internal liner & laptop sleeve if indeed you are planning to use it for commutes more than adventures. A top of the range first entry into the world of bag making, this is definitely a fantastic sign of things to come from one of our favourite brands here at The Coolector.

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