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Wearing a bicycle helmet is a fundamental of road safety but, truth be told, the cumbersome nature of this form of accessory (not to mention their normal unappealing aesthetic appeal) often means that cyclists are reluctant to use them. This is an issue which looks set to be solved by an excellent project over on Kickstarter right now that goes by the name of the Fend Bicycle Helmet – which, somewhat fantastically, collapses to a third of its original size when not in use.


The Fend Bicycle Helmet straddles both style and functionality extremely well and has been designed with the urban commuter in mind. This clever piece of design allows you to collapse, stash, and store it in your bag until you need it again and, given how collapsible it is, it won’t prove to be an annoyance to carry.

Safety First

Safety is, of course, the priority with the Fend Bicycle Helmet but it doesn’t rest on its laurels and ensures that it is a cool enough design to entice people to wear it as well. The excellent cycling accessory completely does away with the bulky helmets that are prevalent throughout the cycling fraternity and delivers a much more stylish, lightweight and portable solution that is sure to resonate with those after a less space-hogging helmet.



The Fend Bicycle Helmet does all this without jeopardising safety and it is crafted from a EPP polymer that is specifically for high impact collisions. So, with both style and safety thoroughly ticked off, we can begin to look at the other areas in which the Fend Bicycle Helmet excels.

In the Fast Lane

Innovative design underpins the excellent performance of the Fend Bicycle Helmet and it has streamlined vents to help keep you cool whilst cycling, a plush interior lining for comfort, an adjustable fit system and a comfort control chin-adjuster. It’s not just one of the coolest bike helmets out there, it’s also one of the most comfortable and robust.


For any keen commuter cyclist looking for a more lightweight solution to their safety needs, the Fend Bicycle Helmet will fit the bill wonderfully well and tackles the common issues of bulkiness, weight and lack of style that commonly besets bicycle helmets today. If you want to bag one for a bargain price, there is still plenty of time to get behind the project on Kickstarter.

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