Cold Smoke Alpha-Lite Shirt Jacket

It’s getting colder than we care for round these here parts lately and this has inevitably made us turn our attention to our wardrobe and its lack of warming wares. Finding brands that offer the sort of apparel that not only keep your warm but looking good whilst doing so isn’t always straight forward but Venice Beach based Cold Smoke definitely fall into this bracket – something which is exemplified by their great looking Alpha-Lite Shirt Jacket.


Cold Smoke are a brand that only recently came onto our radar at The Coolector and we’re glad we found them with winter rapidly approaching because their selection of outerwear is second to none and their Alpha-Lite Shirt Jacket looks like perfect fodder for keeping warm over the next few months.

Stay Warm in Style

Billed as an urban styled shirt-jacket and a technical performance mid-layer rolled into one, the Alpha-Lite Shirt Jacket from Cold Smoke isn’t a revolutionary piece of clothing but it is one that will do exactly what it says on the tin and keep the elements at bay during the cold winter months and keep you looking super cool whilst it does it.

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Each of the products from Cold Smoke are proudly made in California using top of the range materials and the Alpha-Lite Shirt Jacket is no exception. Making use of Japanese made water-repellant ripstop nylon, Polartec Alpha insulation and YKK waterproof zippers, this is one piece of apparel which was born to perform and it is as resilient and robust as they come – ideally suited for inclement weather that we face over the next few months.

The Cold Smoke Alpha-Lite Shirt Jacket has insulation which is created to be used within the gear of the Special Forces so you know it’s not going to let you down when the going gets tough weather wise. It is the low-density fibres within the construction of the jacket that help ensure moisture vapour is moving freely through the fabric. This delivers an extremely effective management of warmth and the transference of moisture to guarantee the comfort of the wearer at all times.

Efficient Apparel

We’re pretty eclectic in our fashion tastes here at The Coolector and typically just demand that it be an efficient and stylish piece of clothing and that’s something which can certainly be applied to the Alpha-Lite Shirt Jacket from Cold Smoke. Crafted impeccably well and using materials that aren’t going to let you down, this really is a piece of apparel that is made for winter and the colder months of the year and it has style and versatility in abundance.



California based Cold Smoke are unquestionably a brand we’re going to keep our eye on from now on here at Coolector HQ as the quality of their wares is unparalleled and they regularly create new pieces to be enjoyed. A great brand with a first class piece of apparel we’re definitely hoping to get our hands on this winter.

Price: $298

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