Tinnie 10 Vessel

Of all the modes of transportation we’ve featured on the pages of The Coolector, we’ve seldom covered boats but that’s largely because not many look as outrageously cool as this Tinnie 10 Vessel from JRuiter. The concept design reimagines the traditional look and feel of a motor boat and delivers a striking and super cool vessel that would definitely look great out on the lakes with a can of craft beer in hand.


The Tinnie 10 Vessel from Joey Ruiter is quite unlike any other boat that you’re likely to see out on the water and for those who like their designs to push the boat out, if you’ll excuse the terrible pun, this one will unquestionably fit the bill. Stylish, stealthy looking and incredibly well conceived, the Tinnie 10 Vessel is a contraption that would grace any waterway.

About a Boat

Crafted from robust yet lightweight aluminium, the Tinnie 10 Vessel is a small but perfectly formed, highly portable boat and  weighs a mere 79kg and boasts extremely striking and aesthetically pleasing white oak plank flooring with xorel upholstered seating for a classy finish that’s difficult to ignore. Powered by a 6hp 4-stroke motor – albeit with an electric motor option if that’s more up your street – the Tinnie 10 Vessel has sufficient space to comfortably seat two adults.



We’ve spent very little time out on the water truth be told but with a mode of transportation as awesome looking as this Tinnie 10 Vessel from JRuiter, the desire to head out onto the lakes and waterways is significantly ramped up. Measuring 3m in length, the superb looking craft has many stand out features which really do impress and whilst it isn’t currently commercially available, we’re in little doubt demand for them will be incredibly high.

A stylish looking means of getting around on the water and one that has been designed with comfort, performance and portability in mind, the Tinnie 10 Vessel has definitely caught our eye at Coolector HQ. Undeniably cool and well crafted, those who love heading out on the water are going to love this excellent piece of design.

Stand Out Design

This isn’t the first time that Joey Ruiter has featured on the pages of The Coolector, having previously wowed us with another piece of his industrial design, the Snoped. His Tinne 10 Vessel is more of the awesome same as it completely reimagines the way in which boat design can be approached and provides a visually superior finish that will tick all the right boxes of hipster types looking for a sweet boat.


Made from great materials and boasting unparalleled aesthetic appeal, the Tinnie 10 Vessel is another fine example of the designing talents of JRuiter and we can’t wait to see what else the talented chap has up his sleeve for 2017.

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