Cold Smoke Co Shadow eVent Anorak

Needless to say, we’re all going to need a few different types of jacket and outerwear as we head into summer to deal with the different eventualities that the weather will inevitably throw at us. So far as your lightweight, waterproof wares go, you won’t need to look much further than the excellent looking Cold Smoke Co Shadow eVent Anorak, which has been built for adventure and offers a versatile and stylish piece of outerwear for all weather conditions.

The Cold Smoke Co Shadow eVent Anorak is a minimalist, technical pullover which has been crafted from the brand’s most robust, uncompromising and high-performing eVent 3L shadow ripstop nylon that delivers unparalleled performance for all your outdoor adventures. The Shadow eVent Anorak is designed to be your go-to for all activities in the most soggy environments such as wilderness walks and rainy days in the city. Available in olive and slate colourways, this versatile piece of apparel is right up our street at Coolector HQ and, at $285, it’s somewhat of a bargain.

Out of the Shadows

Cold Smoke Co are a California based lifestyle brand which are rapidly joining the likes of Taylor Stitch and Huckberry in becoming one of our favourite apparel labels here at Coolector HQ and it’s because of cracking creations like the Shadow eVent Anorak that they’re achieving this. This superb piece of outerwear is made in California from Japanese 3L eVent waterproof/breathable ripstop fabric that is sure to guarantee it doesn’t let you down whatever the weather you face or adventure you encounter.

The Cold Smoke Co Shadow eVent Anorak is lined with Polartec silkweight moisture wicking mesh which, in addition to adding comfort to the piece, it also aids the eVent fabric in its unparalleled breathability. The innovative material used in the construction of this anorak “breathes” courtesy of a unique composition of millions of tiny pores that vent heat and moisture directly to the exterior of the jacket. This capacity to repel rain and snow ensuring you stay dry from the inside out makes the eVent Anorak the ideal year round outer layer.

Chock full of cracking details, the Cold Smoke Co Shadow eVent Anorak is perfect for any man on the hunt for a highly functional and versatile piece of outerwear for all year round wear. Some of the most stand out features of this excellent piece of USA made apparel include an origami three-snap adjustable wrist closure with grosgrain tab, side zip for easy entry, and adjustable hood,  classic kangaroo storage pocket, hand warmer pockets and waterproof zippers throughout.

One For All Seasons

If you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, you’ll look for pieces of apparel that offer a highly versatile performance and the Shadow eVent Anorak from Cold Smoke Co definitely falls into that bracket. It’s robust enough for winter wear but lightweight enough to be worn in summer too, it really does tick all the boxes from a style and performance point of view.

USA made and boasting a tangible sense of quality, this spiffing piece of apparel from one of our favourite clothing brands at The Coolector hits the high notes once again and won’t let you down come rain or shine. Great to look at and made from the finest selection of materials, this is outerwear at its finest and it can be yours for just $285.

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