Dyson Pure Cool Tower

When you’ve got a headquarters as hot as ours here at The Coolector, it’s imperative that you’ve got a functional and stylish means of keeping cool when the going gets hot and that’s why we had to invest in one of these purportedly awesome Dyson Pure Cool Towers from ao.com. And, we’re glad to report it more than lives up to the hype.

The Dyson Pure Cool Tower is so much more than just a means of helping keep cool on the hot summer months, it is also a highly proficient air purifier for the room in which you deploy it and that is something which is highly important in these increasingly toxic times so far as air quality is concerned. If you’re looking for an aesthetically superior cooling device for your home or office this summer, look no further than the Dyson Pure Cool Tower.

Keeping Cool

There are some great design features to the Dyson Pure Cool Tower but the ability to leave the air in your home hygienically fresh and clean is chief amongst them. This Pure Cool from Dyson removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants from the room, making it the perfect pick for your home or office if you suffer from allergies. And, not only that, courtesy of the innovative Air Multiplier™ Technology, clean air is perpetually circulated around the room, so you can always breathe easily.


The Dyson Pure Cool Tower has an auto mode that means that it’ll get to work right away without you having to select a programme, and when it operates in the night mode it uses the quietest and dimmest settings, so it won’t interrupt your sleep. And perhaps best of all for the tech obsessed amongst us, you can even control the device from your compatible smartphone using the downloadable app.

Technologically superior and boasting some highly intuitive performance features, the Dyson Pure Cool Tower has become a mainstay of Coolector HQ and definitely recommended. Whether it be the quiet mode, the cooling capabilities or the air purifying perfection, this is the sort of home or office accessory that will make you life that bit easier during the unforgiving summer sunshine over the next few months and keep your air pure all year round.

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