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For those men who take their everyday carry seriously, as we do here at Coolector HQ, it’s always great to come across new brands that you’ve not encountered before for adding to your line up. And that’s exactly the situation we find ourselves in now with the great line up of wallets and accessories from the guys at Coldfire. After 20+ years in the leather industry, Coldfire knew it was high time to create a brand so distinct, with such quality, craftsmanship, and state of the art technology, that it will stand the test of time, man and his rebellious soul. After a cool new wallet, you’ve just found the prime candidate.

Coldfire offer a first class line up of tactical everyday carry that will ramp up the stealthy style of any line up and whether you’re looking for wallet, card holder, bag or travel wallet, they’ve got something that will more than fit the bill without breaking the bank. Coldfire offer a superb selection of unique leather wallets for men have a distinctive look and feel. They are defined by the idea of tactical everyday excellence and are the best fit for you and you’ll find the perfect accessory for your pocket on their well-stocked digital shelves.

Essential Accessories for the Modern Man

Each one of the accessories and wallets from Coldfire has been exquisitely crafted with a unique blend of high performance ultimate-grade materials to ensure that they will be a mainstay of your EDC line up for many years to come. Coldfire’s leather wallets, cardholders, travel wallets, slim wallet, carbon fibre wallet, bags and accessories are all carefully crafted to withstand and match the extreme lifestyle inspired by your untamed rebel spirit, while protecting your electronic RFID data in a way that lets you unleash it to the fullest.

Offering unparalleled strength for those with an adventurous mindset, the top quality Coldfire wallets and accessories are right up our street here at Coolector HQ and for those who want their gear to keep pace with them, look no further. Every metal, fiber, fabric, leather, and thread that Coldfire pick is sourced with care and tested under pressure for the ultimate in performance. Coldfire combines high-tech benefits with high-performance guarantees for tactical accessories that shine in all areas.

One of the main materials used in the accessories from Coldfire is CARBITEX’s award-winning CX6™ carbon fibre which is the strongest commercially-available fiber on the market so you’ll not find many more robust wallets on the market. The revolutionary microscopic crystalline structure weaves carbon fibers in a brand-new way by aligning the long axis of the fibre in parallel lines, the weave delivers top notch flexibility with unbeatable tensile strength.

Keep Your Details Safe

A great feature of the wallets from Coldfire is how safe they keep your details from potential hacking attempts. You can protect yourself against the modern threat of data skimming, credit card fraud, and accidental contact purchases with RFID protection. Built-in Coldfire Data Armor™ technology combines foil and EMF-blocking fabric for complete built-in protection. The high-tech fabric reliably shields against electronic pickpockets and keeps your personal data secure.

The use of unique materials in the making of these wallets really sets Coldfire apart and this includes the use of Tungsten which is one of the most iconic metals for everyday carry and tactical tools. This natural element is strong, robust, and resistant to corrosion with an exceptionally high melting point. The metal is consistently used by the military when strength and durability are demanded and Coldfire uses tungsten for a branded zipper pull that you can count on to never break, bend, or crack. Tactical gear with a no-nonsense attitude, what’s not to like about the awesome wallets and accessories from Coldfire?

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