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Let’s face it, with so many fantastic watchmakers on the market, it’s impossible to keep on top of them all but we’re ashamed to admit that Corniche Watches were not on our radar at all here at Coolector HQ until recently but you can rest assured that now that they are, we’re definitely be keeping up to date with all their timepiece offerings.

Corniche are a Swedish watchmaker operating out of the picturesque city of Stockholm and they have a great selection of timepieces to choose from that even the most discerning of watch aficionados is likely to impressed with. The ethos of this Scandinavian brand is that no matter how you choose to spend your time, you should look amazing whilst you track it and, from that, the Corniche brand was born.

The aesthetic of Corniche Watches are heavily influenced by the French Riviera, where the company’s creators spent their formative years, and they’ve endeavoured to combine the style and atmosphere of the Cote D’Azur with a distinct focus on using the best possible materials and having an eye for detail and, as is evident in their finished products, they achieve this admirably. Check out a few more of the stunning Corniche Watches below:





If elegance is the call of the day with your next choice of timepiece then we here at The Coolector are willing to wager you’ll find few more sophisticated and understatedly stylish than those on offer from Corniche.

A Swedish watchmaker with a French flair for fashion was always going to hit the mark from an aesthetic perspective but they’ve also excelled from a functionality point of view because their timepieces are extremely well put together but don’t cost the earth.

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