Cowboy 4 Electric Bike

Electric bike brands are becoming amongst the most popular as commuters seek more eco-friendly and functional means of getting about town. One of the coolest new releases we’ve seen in this sphere in a while is the Cowboy 4 Electric Bike which takes the connected electric bike to new heights. Mount up, ride on.

The Cowboy 4 Electric Bike is streamlined design and effortless performance personified. A simple push of the pedal, and intuition gains new meaning as the motor’s torque senses your force and the speed you need to be travelling at. The carbon belt spans smoothly, as does the road before you as you seek out new adventures. This electric bike will see you exploring your city and surroundings like never before.

Electrifying Performance

One of the most impressive performers on the market, a swift first kick powers the speed you need for an active ride and an easy climb about the Cowboy 4 Electric Bike. With your smartphone docked in sight in the cockpit, your bike becomes an all-knowing companion. It will be connected to your every move and on the lookout for what lies ahead, now’s your chance to wander and wonder. Your next ride is no longer a question of if or when.

There are loads of great features to the Cowboy 4 Electric Bike which set it apart from the competition which includes theft detection which will alert you if someone attempts to snatch your bike, with real-time tracking to help you get it back and crash detection technology which consists of embedded sensors designed to detect a fall and talk to the app to alert your emergency contacts.

Other great design features of the Cowboy 4 Electric Bike include Auto-Unlock where the Cowboy app senses when you’re nearby to unlock automatically and Hydraulic Disc Brakes with total stopping power the second you make contact. After a top of the range electric bike in 2021, the Cowboy 4 would be a top pick of ours here at The Coolector.

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