Dave Pressler Astro Sloth Sculpture

If we were to decide upon our spirit animal here at Coolector HQ, the answer would resoundingly be sloth given that these laid back, lazy individuals are very much in keeping with our own mindset. With that in mind, we were delighted to stumble across an amazing piece of artwork from Dave Pressler in the form of these hilarious and impeccably crafted Astro Sloth Sculptures.

Dave Pressler is billed as the “blue collar artist” and is an Emmy nominated television producer, character designer, animator, illustrator, sculptor and painter – so as you can see, he is decidedly the opposite of sloth like – and all these talents come together to make him one of the best loved “robot artists” out there. It is the awesome Astro Sloth Sculpture that has caught our eye here at The Coolector, however, and if you love sloths and space exploration, you’ll love it too.

Boldly Go

Whilst we know that a monkey has been sent into space, when you think about it, it would probably have made more sense to send a sloth given their chilled out nature and taking everything in their stride so these brilliant Astro Sloth Sculptures from Dave Pressler make perfect sense to us.

If you’ve already fallen for the Astro Sloth Sculpture from Dave Pressler, you’re not only in good company because we love it too, but you’ll need to move quickly to get your hands on one because they are extremely limited in nature and only 20 are being made by the talented artist and sculptor. Each one is individually numbered by the artist and hand painted with a great attention to detail and tongue in cheek humour such as the mission patch of “First in space, last to leave” and if you’ve got a love of quirky art for your home or workspace, these definitely tick the right boxes.

We’re loving the amazing quality of the Astro Sloth Sculpture from Dave Pressler and they are cast from the original sculpture, measure 8.5 inches tall and a not insubstantial 2 pounds of solid resin with a full colour custom paint job, it’s easy to see why people are being bowled over by this amazing endeavour from a supremely talented artist.

Space Sloth

As mentioned, the sloth is an animal that resonates with us here at Coolector HQ so it was inevitable that we’d love this cracking piece of art from Dave Pressler but such is the quality of the craftsmanship, attention to detail and sheer quirkiness of the design, we’re pretty sure most people will love it even if they don’t share our affinity for the common sloth.

Amazing artwork like this will really breathe new life into your workspace so if you’re looking to add a touch of the quirky to where you work in 2017, we can think of few better candidates for the job than Astro Sloth. But move quick because they won’t hang around for long – despite their sloth tendencies.

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